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L’Oreal Fructis Presenters

Trade Presenters for L'Oreal's Fructis Shampoo and Fructis Style products.

Client Laboratoires Garnier via Z&Co
Date July, 2000


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L'Oreal needs no introduction - unless you're not worth it! But many models are obviously worth it, seeing as some trade presenters I worked on included them by the bucketload! Of course, there was so much hard work involved in choosing which of the many shots to use.

With the gorgeous photos lined up, presenters were created that combined linear and interactive presentation facilities.

L'Oreal could run straight through the presentation, with a simple press of a key, or use a discrete menu to go directly to a particular slide to discuss a selling point for example.

We used animation to give more sense to products and the information about them, enhancing the presentation and incorporated video footage to bring the brand lifestyle to the audience.


Visual Design

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We were very happy with both the creativity and quality of these tools and enjoyed working with the Kibook team. We look forward to their involvement in future projects.
- Laboratoires Garnier

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+ www.loreal.co.uk
+ www.garnier.co.uk

This is a KIBOOK project.