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Mu Chip Presenter

Design and animation of Flash presentation.

Client Hitachi Europe
Date November, 2003


Hitachi's contribution to one of 2004's publicly-emerging technologies, the smart tag, was the Mu-chip, a radio frequency identification microchip that is small enough to be embedded in paper.

We worked with Hitachi to create a B2B MU Chip Presenter - a sales and marketing support tool to demonstrate their technology.

This presenter can be customised by Hitachi staff for different clients (including the upload of logos) with administration screens that allow text content on different presentation slides to be edited, and a choice of fonts, colours and styles that can be applied.

To demonstrate the technology, we created Supply Chain stage animations to illustrate the use of the tiny MU Chips in tracking the movement of products.

Viewers can see how useful the chip is and how the technology can enable a more efficient work flow in the various supply chain scenarios: at the manufacturers, on delivery trucks, at distribution centres and in shops.

We also developed an additional ten Interactive scenarios to show MU Chip readers in action such as in easy scanning of mass-packed products in shopping trolleys, and in pairing shirts and ties!


Visual Design

Client Reference :

Kibook exceeded the original requirements specifications and developed a flexible and highly configurable system that could be easily personalised by Hitachi sales staff for different audiences.
- Sody Kahlon, Head of MU Software, Hitachi

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+ www.hitachi.eu

This is a KIBOOK project.