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PR Pitstop

Website for journalists to receive releases from the BAR-Honda F1 Team press office.

Client BAR-Honda / Lucky Strike Racers
Date January, 2002


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PR Pitstop was a neat content management system that we engineered for the BAR-Honda F1 Team press office, that had proven useful and well-used for their needs over the years that it was live (from 2002 - 2006).

It looked distinctive because of the BAR-Honda branding and was aimed at a specialised and authorised selection of journalist contacts around the world with whom Bar-Honda keep updated with their F1 news, and associated photos and videos.

Central to the website was an interactive calendar system, which had multiple views (filtered by date and event type such as Grand Prix's, PR days, launches etc.) and access to the available information for each entry.

For example, for a Grand Prix, there were links to download photos, videos, hospitality info, feature articles and press releases.

All information on the site could be managed via a web browser.

This allowed the press office to continually update the site as they work from base, or as they travelled around the world with the F1 racing team.

This was all easily and efficiently handled with context-based administration, simple article creation and multi-level access.

A screensaver was also created to automatically download the latest news from the site to instantly deliver news straight to the journalists.


Visual Design

This is a KIBOOK project.