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Play for prizes or for free along with the popular game show. Interface design and IA.

Client Fremantle
via Illumina Digital
Date May, 2008

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Quizmania was traditionally one of those late night tv phone-in programmes, that offered prizes to callers who got through to their studio with quiz answers.

Its quirky nature seemed to gather quite a cult following with recorded clips of the show appearing on YouTube.

In the second quarter of 2008, the show was reincarnated online in the form of a community-based website that provided a live video stream three nights a week and the chance for people to sign up and play online.

Target audience included students and people who tended to browse online in the evening, who could participate either proactively by playing for money, or simply view the stream as entertainment.

Ethics aside (although we're only talking about micro payments!) I was drafted in at the beginning of the project to put together the information architecture and wireframes to make sure there was logic in the whole user experience of the site.

Consideration had to be given for administration of the system, since there would be a very high turnover of quiz material, and also for future development of the system.

Working with the technical team to make sure that what we planned was feasible, it was essential to bullet-proof the concept since we were dealing with money.

After completing the planning process, I created the design of the site for the production team to work from.


Information Architecture
Visual Design

Client Reference :

It all makes perfect sense. The logic and attention to detail is very good and the design is exactly how we want it. - Fremantle.

Links :

+ www.quizmania.tv
+ www.illumina.co.uk