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Ready To Learn

Designs for a ground-breaking online psychology experiment for school children.

Client Teachers TV via Illumina Digital
Date April, 2008

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The 'Ready to Learn' project was a ground-breaking mass-participation online psychology experiment for school children. It was led by Teachers TV and ran through Science Week 2008, eventually being completed by 80,000 children. It provides a huge amount of data about children's behaviour before school and its effect on their mental alertness during school.

The experiment logged whether the children get a lift to school or walk, eat cereal for breakfast, go to bed early and their physical activity during school. The participants were then all tested on their working memory, cognitive inhibition and planning respectively.

Illumina Digital produced the editorial, design and development for 'Ready to Learn' using key research and rigorous user-testing. I helped out by creating some of the initial design templates that were used in production.

These featured game interfaces requiring players to move coloured balls (Tower of Hanoi) or remember what they saw on different screens whilst playing.