Project Details

Roche Media Maker

Flash application interface design.

Client Grosvenor TV
Date November, 2008

Roche Media Maker

Roche is a Swiss global health care company, who are actually clients of Grosvenor TV, a multimedia production company based in London. Saunders Web Solutions brought me on board for a project called the Roche Media Maker.

Built in Flash, the Roche Media Maker basically provided a series of video assets (intelligent people being interviewed!) that users could browse and select, and actually move to a timeline area (called the Clipbox) so that they create their own presentation of interviews. They could also add transitions in between depicting footage of various scenarios (such as one of their offices) to introduce the interview.

Saunders Web Solutions built the Flash engine to power this application and I designed the complete interface for different screens, all compliant with the Roche branding guidelines and then provided all the elements within a Flash asset file.