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SAP Sponsorship Toolkit

Interactive Flash Guide on a USB Stick.

Client SAP via The Works London
Date December, 2005

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SAP Sponsorship Toolkit

SAP Sponsorship Toolkit

SAP Sponsorship Toolkit

Founded in 1972, SAP is the recognised leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries and for every major market and is the world's largest inter-enterprise software company.

SAP Global Sponsorships is just one division but which specialises in organising SAP's investments in areas such as sports sponsorships.

Sponsoring high profile personalities in sports such as Formula 1, golf and tennis is one thing. For all SAP management to maximise this sponsorship is another.

We worked with The Works London to create a slick, Flash-based interactive presentation guide on how to do this, which was distributed on USB sticks within a boxed print package.

Designed within the SAP guidelines, the presenter incorporates smooth animation and is split into different areas, each of which is colour coded, explaining the sponsorships and how best to make use of them.

Readers can navigate in a linear fashion using the left and right arrow buttons on the interface or via the arrow keys on the keyboard. Alternatively, buttons (which highlight during normal linear use to indicate the current area) can be clicked to jump straight to any of the eight areas on offer.

The presenter also incorporates Flash video and a downloadable screensaver as well as an animated column of desaturated photos. When clicked, the photos open up a full colour gallery from which users can select from for their own use.