Project Details

S’No Business

A Christmas Shockwave game and Advent Calendar for Kibook self-promotion.

Client Kibook
Date December, 2001


Advent Calendar during count down.

S'No Business was the first game that I'd fully designed and written in Lingo (scripting for Director) and being the most complex, ends up as one of my most favourite interactive pieces.

I had a lot of fun creating this, partly because as a (festive) self promotional item I could design the graphics around our Kibook character and used a pixellated style which allowed some personality to be injected.

Having built the basics of the gameplay, I also had time to refine the engine and details and smooth out any rough edges to create a polished piece which I thought was pretty good for an online game in 2001!

To play it, you simply have to control the Kibook snow surfer to collect as many presents as possible whilst avoiding trees and rocks!

There are some enemy surfers as well who attempt to snowball you during the course of your run.

S'No Business wasn't just an online game - it formed part of an Advent Calendar screensaver which during December unveiled one of 25 puzzle pieces to reveal a Christmas fortune.