Project Details

SpeedDeck Designer

Interface design for CD-ROM based calculation tool.

Client Eleco via Forma
Date November, 1999


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As exciting as it sounds, this was not a project for speed boats. SpeedDeck is the UK's leading metal roofing and cladding systems manufacturer and this was a project to create a CD-ROM-based series of software tools and sales presenters.

I created lightly shaded interfaces for the "SpeedDeck Specifier", "Gutter Designers" and "Windload Estimator" tools.

We kept the designs simple, clear and easy to use, and also included some interactive 3D models to help visualise the measurements (of SpeedDeck's formulas and calculations).

Aimed at architects, these tools were designed to encourage them to specify SpeedDeck products in their projects.

For sales presentations, I created "dark" interfaces, to show off photographs of buildings using SpeedDeck products.

There was also a DXF gallery which allowed users to browse and download DXF files that architects could use in their designs and specifications.