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Sun Global Marketing

Marketing campaign website to create loyalty and help boost sales among Sun's resellers.

Client Sun via The Works London
Date July, 2003

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This was a competition website that was developed to motivate sales representatives by pitting their sales figures with other representatives in order to win one of several different prizes, including a batch of Harley Davidson motorbikes. Yes, really!

The site allowed any interested representative to sign up for the competition. They were then vetted by a regional member of staff from Sun to ensure that their entry was valid.

Each representative from a company could then sign up an additional five representatives, all of whom can then check to see how other companies are doing in the competition.

The site had an admin area with different functions made available via different levels of representative access privileges.

Normal representatives could only edit their own details and company representatives could edit their company, including other representatives from that company. Regional representatives could approve or unapprove entries within their region and super representatives could send newsletters or post competition results.