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Super Campaigners Toolkit

Powerpoint presentation design for Save the Children campaigners.

Client Save the Children via Atticmedia
Date March, 2013

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Super Campaigners

The humble Powerpoint presentation was in this case hopefully going to save many children’s lives. This project involved using content from Save the Children to create a presentation that could be used by Super Campaigners (health workers that Save the Children sponsor) to encourage fellow health workers to become activists to lobby their governments.

The idea was for Save the Children to take campaigners to other parts of the world to witness first hand the problems communities face in raising healthy children. On their return home, campaigners can then use this Powerpoint presentation as a tool to present to their fellow health workers.

Powerpoint, chosen for its wide availability among these users, was used to structure slides that were preloaded with text, images, animations, film and facts and figures to help campaigners support their presentations. The target audience were English speakers, but not necessarily native, so plenty of photography was incorporated to connect with viewers, and icons and imagery had to be universally recognised.

Campaigners could also customise the presentation to meet their particular needs, least of all an introductory slide that introduces them and outlines their personal story.

All iconography and images I produced of course, had to adhere to the brand guidelines.