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Teaching & Learning

Design Management of Flash Modules for QIA resources for teachers.

Client QIA via Illumina Digital
Date April, 2008


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The government run Quality Improvement Agency (QIA) has The Excellence Gateway which is the complete online service for everyone working in the further education and skills sector in England.

A part of this is The Teaching and Learning Programme which aims to support providers to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Basically, the QIA website that houses all the resources is a massive venture and the TLP part alone had a multi-million pound budget for development over a year and a half.

The Teaching and Learning Programme module of the website required teams of managers, producers, content writers, designers and developers to all work together on creating cohesive content.

My involvement was to design and manage the development of over twelve Flash modules (some reused several times with different content) spread over different subjects and areas of the website.

Some initial information architecture was required to map out related areas of the site as well as some specification of the modules and discussion with the developers.

Although the time frames were tight (Flash development was previously due to begin several months earlier) my team of three Flash developers and one designer were able to complete the modules on time.

Challenges included keeping design consistency across all modules and ensuring that different Flash programmers implemented the same standards for interactive elements such as button rollovers.

Some modules were also quite complex, requiring extensive wireframing and testing to manage the development of quizzes that could be viewed and created by users, for example.

Database connectivity therefore needed to be considered as well as determining which features were available to users depending on whether they were logged in or not.