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The Butcher’s Skin

Print materials for a bittersweet Vietnamese comedy of mistaken identity.

Client Yellow Earth Theatre
Date September, 2002

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The Butcher's Skin tells the story of Truong Ba, a gentle gardener accidentally struck off the Book of Life by careless gods.

Realising their mistake, the gods reincarnate his soul into the corpse of Hoi, a violent, alcoholic butcher. Truong Ba's troubles are only just beginning...

As well as the website for Yellow Earth Theatre, I have fond memories for the work on The Butcher's Skin print materials.

It was our first print job for them, and I art directed the photo shoot whereupon we were lucky enough to procure the services of iconic portrait photographer Tony Briggs.

The idea was simple enough - to convey the conflicting characters of the gentle gardener and alcoholic butcher in one person.

We eventually went for a shot of a supposedly aggressive Tom Wu, complete with meat cleaver, but posed in an absurdly camp and sensitive way.

The photos were also developed by cross processing to achieve a high contrast and therefore slightly unreal flavour.


Art Direction

Client Reference :

Kibook was consistently original, creative and professional. Their quality can be seen in the excellent print generated. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for similar work.
- David K.S. Tse, Artistic Director

Links :

+ www.yellowearth.org
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