Project Details

Cirque Clinic Brand

Logo for a medical service combining premium overseas treatment with luxurious getaways.

Client The Cirque Clinic
Date October, 2004


The Cirque Clinic was a new UK based start up brand that aimed to satisfy a market that made use of inexpensive overseas medical treatment.

Customers typically wanted to pay less for quality treatment, and knew overseas surgeries (such as in Thailand) were cheaper, yet could be risky without the right help.

The Cirque Clinic provided a service which combined knowledge and access to high quality overseas treatment facilities, with post-op clinics in London.

The overseas facilities also meant that treatments and recovery periods happened within luxurious surroundings, hence creating a highly desirable alternative to more costly treatments in the UK.

Branding for the clinic simply had to reflect the service provided, aiming to convey a high class practice. A subtle nod to progress made by the treatments is shown in the circular logo, creating an abstract stair case going up.

Medical Retreats was an earlier alternative name.


Art Direction

This is a KIBOOK project.