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The Diversity Imperative

Visual design for an internal elearn at BP.

Client BP via Atticmedia
Date July, 2013

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BP Diversity Imperative

BP Diversity Imperative

BP Diversity Imperative

The idea proposed for the BP Diversity Imperative, allows BP employees to create their own avatar and answer a confidential quiz on their personal experiences in relation to the Diversity Imperative.

All collective responses are then analysed and reported back as summarised statistics, which then help to contextualise each employees thoughts. The personal involvement this creates highlight particular issues for discussion - all furthering the goal of awareness.

Employee avatars can populate the space, taking turns to give life to their opinions (via animated speech bubbles).

Further awareness and understanding of the Diversity Imperative is then achieved via the "Business Challenge" - a series of simulations that take learners through different scenarios and how the Diversity Imperative is integrated.