Project Details

The Victorians

Redesign of an educational, web-based Flash app to HTML.

Client The National Archives via Atticmedia
Date January, 2012

The Victorians

The Victorians

I can’t claim credit for the overall look and feel of these designs as they originated from a Flash app that I had to re-work as an HTML site (so that it would at least show up on a tablet).

This project did involve some functionality change however, but it was generally an exercise in tightening up the interface and refining the visual details to become practical as html elements.

In terms of the content and functionality I had to work with, there was a fine balance to maintain between areas of text and how they relate to each other. In the second screen above, you can see that both sides of the layout have their own scrolling text boxes, and several rows of tabs and buttons to be mindful of.

Other layouts mixed text with zoomable images, multiple levels of content, and in a rather more straight-forward fashion, videos with thumbnails for more clips (as shown in the first screen above).