Project Details

Touchstone Online

Template designs for an online course.

Client Cambridge University Press via Atticmedia
Date September, 2014

Touchstone Online

Touchstone Online

Touchstone Online

The "Touchstone" English course by Cambridge University Press, has integrated assessment and learner profile reports, and offers a choice of online and print assessments and work books. The course is aimed at adult and young adult learners.

The activity template designs I created were for the Online Second Edition, and largely consisted of adhering to lots of rules and limitations (both technical and brand related) whilst also trying to come up with a logical, consistent and appealing user interface. The activity part of the templates I was responsible for, also had to sit within a (layout) frame that I couldn't amend. (See screens above - my work sits within the frame starting from the Touchstone banner.)

There were around twenty existing templates types that I had to redesign, which consisted of interactions such as text entry, drag and drop, reordering tiles and choosing from multiple choice options, as well as wordsearch and crossword puzzles.

In addition, there around twenty new template types to create and these consisted of interfaces that allowed role play, listen and repeat / respond activities, flashcards, questionnaires and branching dialogues.

To add to the list, all of the user interface elements (buttons, tiles, drop downs and media controls for example) in the templates described, were then pulled out into separate documents to show the different states and across four colour schemes.

So in all, the design requirements for Touchstone Online meant that I had to develop a large and comprehensive system of activity templates that had good user interface design and consistency at it's heart and that required some creative discipline to keep things in check!