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Understanding Lectora

Visual design and illustration for Lectora templates.

Client PwC via Atticmedia
Date September, 2013

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Understanding Lectora

Understanding Lectora

PwC use Lectora frequently to deliver their staff training. Their Digital Learning R&D department needed an update to their existing Lectora templates as well as illustration content to accompany a pair of new courses on using Lectora (!)

Over time, template usage within an organisation can become more and more fragmented, so this was an opportunity to tighten up these Lectora templates and simplify their application so that they’re used more consistently by different learning designers within PwC.

Different layout requirements were identified and then a grid, user interface and examples of their application was designed - specifically of course to Lectora’s framework.

These were then implemented and tested using PwC content and new illustrations I created, that actually made up two courses that teach Lectora usage.