Project Details

Water Wars

Game concept for the Science Museum, for an educational touch screen exhibit.

Client Science Museum via Atticmedia
Date June, 2011

Water Wars

Water Wars

The “Water Wars” game was designed as a concept for a touch screen exhibit at the Science Museum. The idea is that players populate the game area with parts and people to create a balanced system for providing fresh water to meet the demands of a growing city on the horizon.

Players begin by adding parts such as pipes, pumping stations and water towers. Solar mirrors provide power whilst research labs later on allow greater efficiency and volume of water.

People are made available and added as the game proceeds with players having to choose between engineers, cleaners or scientists. Engineers put the parts together and keep the system operational whereas cleaners maintain the system and keep the mirrors clean. Not enough of either causes the system parts to break down and fail. Natural disasters can also damage the parts.

A horizontal scrolling play area increases the difficulty whilst also inviting multiuser collaboration, although if the worst comes to the worse, players can simply reset the game.


Visual Design

Character illustrations by Luella Jane Wright

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+ www.atticmedia.com