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Website for a British art project composed of a series of actual and imaginary journeys.

Client Film and Video Umbrella
Date November, 2007

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Drawing upon the profound sense of place of the landscape of East Anglia, 'Waterlog' is a multi-faceted exhibition project that took place in 2007, featuring a series of specially-commissioned works by some of Britain's most compelling contemporary artists.

Artists were Marcus Coates, Tacita Dean, Alec Finlay and Guy Morton, Alexander and Susan Maris and Simon Pope.

As well as an introduction to the exhibition, the Flash website provided detailed information on the artists and their works, and the opportunity to participate in one of the projects.

In moving through the site, the visitor could discover further areas of interest relating to the cultural and natural history of the region, and could also contribute to the dedicated 'Waterlog' weblog.

Film and Video Umbrella are one of my favourite clients. Aside from the stylish subject matter of their projects, they're easy-going, great to work with yet also want to maintain high standards in their work. The Waterlog site was therefore a fantastic project to put together with them.

The site centres around a vintage-style map illustration created to house background texts, video clips and audio files. Main pages of content for the project and each artist were floated on top of the map to hide most of it. At a click of the mouse, these pages would then slide off to reveal the full map.

It was decided to develop the site in Flash to handle the media files consistently, as well as utilise smooth transition effects and fades to give a more flowing feel to the pages. Irrespective of Flash's capabilities, the interaction and visuals were pared back to match the aesthetics of the project.


Art Direction
User Experience
Web Development

Client Reference :

From the very beginning Kibook have been an absolute pleasure to work with, they have always been available for questions and revisions to the development, and have carefully explained issues in an easy-to-understand no-jargon language.
- Nina Ernst, Deputy Director

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+ www.waterlog.fvu.co.uk
+ www.fvu.co.uk

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