Project Details

Yellow Earth retro

Original website for a London based British East Asian touring theatre company.

Client Yellow Earth Theatre
Date January, 2000


Yellow Earth Theatre is a London based British East Asian touring theatre company, revenue funded by Arts Council England.

The website design above has now been superseded by a new version of the Yellow Earth Theatre website, but it still remains a design that I'm fond of.

In 2000, when the site was designed, there weren't many theatre websites that looked as bold as this.

I was pretty happy with the platform like shapes that backed the images of physical movement - a trade mark of Yellow Earth's work at the time.

The layout was designed with a minimum recommended resolution of 800 x 600.

It used frames to keep the navigation onscreen whilst allowing the display on information within the orange area to be refreshed.

Flash, or Shockwave even, could have been used but was felt to be software that was uncommon among the theatre's target audience of visitors and therefore unnecessary.

Since then, monitor resolutions have grown, and issues such as accessibility have come into play, slowly aging the efficiency of the design.

Good while it lasted (for 8 years!).