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Zareba Community

Prototype website for an online community.

Client Hitachi Europe
Date August, 2002

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This was the first of our major projects - a fantastic opportunity that allowed us to explore ideas for a community site, with separate areas for kids, teenagers and parents.

Hitachi's Smartcard technology was implemented to give users access to the site and working with start-up, Safety First, Zareba was going to be the next big thing in secure, online communities for kids and teenagers.

We developed a highly interactive 3D navigation with cartoon characters and an interface that incorporated community features such as an instant messaging "radar", friends, wish lists, forums, and shopping pages that would have linked to various retail partners.

Sadly, the onset of the now infamous dot-com bust happened and the rest is history.


Visual Design

Client Reference :

Kibook faced a challenging task of working closely with the back-office development team to create an engaging website that was not limited by the short timescales or the technical complexities inherent within the project. Kibook delivered work of the highest quality on time to Hitachi Europe.
- Sody Kahlon, Head of MU Software, Hitachi

Links :

+ www.hitachi.eu

This is a KIBOOK project. Additional illustration work by Luella Jane Wright.